LS406K - Kit Ocean Purity filled with Gift Includes:

6.67oz Body Lotion

6.67oz Body Wash

8.82oz Body Scrub

0.51oz Lip Balm

1.18oz Body Spray

3.53oz Scrub Salt

Braided mat   Total $15.00 add to other items over $150 for free shipping USA Cont - UPS Ground. 

#LS406K - Kit Ocean Purity Set plus Braided Mat ready to design or sell alone

  • The customer should only purchase what they can sell or use in 6 months to a year. Any more is a waste of their money. In turn when they sell the spa items they should say they have a year shelf life. We store our spa products in a specially controlled room that maximizes the shelf life of our cosmetics line. As we replenish our supply of spa items we practice proper rotation of our inventory to maintain the highest level of freshness possible similar to what we do with of food products.