#Gift 501 Tree Slice Cheese board. This gift is made with an oval or round slice of an actual tree. The size and shape will vary with each individual gift due to the nature of it being an actual tree slice. This gift is packed with some of most sought after cheese, sausage, crackers and pretzels. It contains 10 oz of our Northwoods Cheese All Beef Cranberry Summer sausage, 12oz of Cranberry Cheddar Cheese, 6oz of Smoked Cranberry Cheese, 6oz of Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar Cheese, 2oz of Three Pepper Water Crackers and 2oz of East Shore Dipping Pretzels. The picture shows a decorative ribbon that will not be included with the gift so you can enhance it or decorate it in any way you choose. Each gift is $26.99 each and is packed at 4 per case. Case Price of $107.96

Gift #501 Tree Slice Cheese Board Snack Gift $26.99@ Case 4 ready to sell