Gift 183 Our Bamboo Rectangle Cutting board bears an assortment of gourmet cheese, sausage, crackers, cookies and mustard. 3.75oz of our Onion and Chive Gourmet Cheese spread, 3.75oz of our Smoked Gouda Gourmet Cheese Spread, 10oz of our All Beef Summer Sausage, 4oz of Water Crackers, .9oz of our Dolcetto Wafer Roll Cookies and 2.8oz of our Lost Acres Gourmet Mustards. This gift selection is shelf stable, hot sealed and ready to sell. Amazing Holiday gift selection for corporte or family gift! 6/Case $22.35 Each $134.10 Per Case  By: Northwoods Cheese

Gift #183 Bamboo Cutting Board with a large assortment gift $22.35@ cs 6 ready