#CH024 3oz Cocoa Whipped Honey Cloister 6/Case $6.00 each, $36.00/CaseAround 3:30 on almost every afternoon, you'll find someone at our house searching for something to snack on: nuts, granola bars, fruit. Here's a new take on an old favorite. No sugar, dairy or oils have been added to this smooth, whipped natural honey making it perfect for times when you crave something sweet ... and healthy. Spread on waffles and pancakesMakes a great afternoon snack with apples and pretzelsPower breakfast tip: toasted whole grain bread, peanut butter, whipped honey with cocoa, sliced bananas

#CH024 3oz Cocoa Whipped Honey Cloister 6/Case $6.00 each Cloister Honey $36.00