CH021 3oz Matcha Whipped Honey Cloister 6/Case $6.00 each $36.00/Case

It's a matcha made in heaven. Created from stone-ground green tea leaves into a delicate powder, matcha is dissolved in hot water to make tea or used as a flavoring. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which the matcha ritual stems from, has mindfulness at its roots. Ichi-go ichi-e ("one time, one meeting") is the idea that every encounter is unique and can never be reproduced. This whipped honey, with it’s uniquely earthy taste and color, is a reminder to stay grounded and enjoy each and every moment.

Add as a topping granola, yogurt, and fruit parfaits

Mix in with homemade ice cream

Blend into a banana, spinach, and coconut smoothie

#CH021 3oz Matcha Whipped Honey Cloister 6/Case $6.00 each $36.00/Case